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The Elohim Bridge Bible
The information and ideas in this version are presented to implant new thinking in the minds of those interested in exploring the cosmic mysteries of this universe. It is my prayer that an honest interest in the most important of all books, may be generated in the minds of those who have had mainly just a religious experience, or comprehension concerning the Bible. Also that those who have read or studied the Bible as "just another book", the intention of the scribe is to bring clarity, through the Holy Spirit, to the biblical message for the 21st century reader. Knowing that the original scrolls of the books of the Bible are true, the author has over some 30 plus years considered, pondered, investigated and sought practical answers to many questions. Like how YaHWeH did many unusual physical things recorded in the Bible, and how they relate to our daily experience as of the present.

It is realized that the ideas presented by these revelations in this version may conflict with some church dogma, creeds, beliefs, etc. However, in those instances where this study - appears in conflict with the Bible (see Proverbs 18:13; 1st Corinthians 8:2,3; 2nd Timothy 2:15) it is probable that the biblical text has been misunderstood by most, for years, if not centuries. Theories that progress beyond accepted religious facts are more likely to be correct than theories based upon other theories.

The revelation brought forth in this interpretation, is as far as our modern day, almost become known laws or scientific facts. We as a world community are for all intents and purposes becoming interplanetary travelers ourselves. In any event, the reader can get to know for himself / herself the tremendously powerful workings of the Cosmic - All Knowing Infinite Universal Father YaHWeH, and how He interacts with a corporeal world of matter, in its endless uses by mankind, through His Son YaHshua, by the Holy Spirit, and the angelic messenger host that He commands, for our benefit.
~ Michael D.Eldridge
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